Human Instinct – Sexuality


There is an intrinsic duality to men. On one hand, men have primitives and elementary forces, instinct and feeling; and on another hand we are symbolic animals, rational beings. Certain philosophers like McDougall, define instincts as a primary driver of human activity. In Freud’s words, a constant fight between two impulses defines men: Eros and Thanatos, the impulse of life, as self-conservation and reproduction, and the impulse of death, violence and aggression.

This project is attempts to define this duality, by working on four instincts; three instincts of life: alimentation, defense and sexuality; and one instinct of death: violence.

The pictures of this album are a preview of the sexual instinct, of which I am the author. The first session is the instinctive use of our five senses, and the second is the social regulation of such a primitive instinct.

The rest of the project can be checked out on the link below.